About Clown Chang

'Chang's conspicuous presence makes the best use of his physical strength, and he moves about everywhere happily in Pleasure B.

Due to his acrobatic expertise Chang is a regular performer in any show. Chang is often brought out into the center of the ring to showcase his skills.

Chang's juggling and balancing is done in a colorful speedy manner that delights the audience. Chang has diverted innocence of a sweet child or moppet, and has been likened to a mischievous young cub or 'Urchin'.

Chang is an active part of the clown duo "RAG" with LONTO. The Circus team 'Le Cirque b', has recently been formed. Chang is also an accomplished member of the hilarious trio called "PLE-MIX" with the clowns LONTO and TOPPO.

Special skill

Acrobat Roller bola

HAT juggle

Clown ChangClown ChangClown Chang

Participanting World Clown Assosiation NY Convention Competition 2011