About Clown K

Clown "K" is the leader of Pleasure B. Standing at 180cm and weighing in at 91Kg his self-styled sense of humor and comical demeanor delights the audience. He may act like a sweet child or moppet but he is definitely the leader. His appearance has been likened to that of a pregnant woman with a pronounced belly, however, it has been rumored that "K" was an accomplished pole jumper.

"K" is the NPO Japanese hospital clown society founder, and he is the chief director as well. He is also a very sought after lecturer and television personality. Moreover, "K" wrote a book titled 'Hospital clown' which was made into a drama for television. "K" is called on all year round. He is actively participating as a hospital clown. Special skill The balance art ・・・

"K" is known for his ability to balance two conference tables on his head. Another part of his balancing act includes balancing five metal chairs on his head. Often, his skill is noted as one of power or strength rather then balance.

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Participanting World Clown Assosiation NY Convention Competition 2011