About Clown Shanti

SHANTI's small body is topped off with red hair that resembles a shuttlecock. SHANTI's most charming feature is concentrated just under her nose, a great big heart warming smile.

When the audience sees Shanti's smile they can't help but smile in return. Some smiles are forgettable but once you see SHANTI's smile it will not be forgotten soon. SHANTI draws laughter even when she falls down full of energy. Her small body is best put to use as an acrobat, and as a result of her talents she has become a very popular clown .. Standing, falling, she acts busily.

SHANTI has become active in choreographing the dance portion of the annual Pleasure B show, and has also taken on production duties as well.

SHANTI is also involved in the group "Le cirque B". SHANTI has also committed her efforts to cheering those individuals staying in the hospital.

Special skill

Balloon art

Diavolo Acrobat

Clown shantiClown shantiClown shanti

Participanting World Clown Assosiation NY Convention Competition 2011