About Clown TOPPO

TOPPO moves with a comical restless energy. If the audience doesn't laugh, TOPPO feigns feelings of deep pain.

TOPPO creates great doses of laughter through interesting heart warming, and heart touching actions.

TOPPO is a popular performer in the annual Pleasure B performance. TOPPO is constantly updating his act and had been rewarded with first place for a record three years. A few of TOPPO's talents include climbing inside a balloon, juggling, and pantomime.

TOPPO sets a fast pace while performing one talent after the other never giving the audience a chance to become tired or bored. TOPPO is an active member of the clown duo 'POKOPOKO TOP' with the clown Ga-Ko. Toppo is also a member of the trio 'PLE-MIX' with Chang and LONTO.

Special skill

Balancing on a ball (juggling and rope skipping), juggling (five ball club etc.), and pantomime Huge balloon performance (climb inside a big balloon).

Clown toppoClown toppoClown toppo

Participanting World Clown Assosiation NY Convention Competition 2011