What's Pleasure b
-- An introductory peak at our performances --


We engage in various forms of juggling. There is the cigar BOX, Diablo (Chinese scene), devil stick, [she-ka-zukappu], plate turning, hat, etc. Daily objects such as brooms and buckets also become the tools of the juggler.

Juggling for a clown is a prominent feature in the performance that incites laughter in the guest. We also incorporate balancing on a ball or riding a unicycle with juggling.


Is the bag floating in the air? Is there really a wall?

Who is the clown having a tug-of-war with?

All of these mysterious and comical actions are called Pantomime. Pantomime makes us laugh because of unexpected developments expressed by the clowns expert movements. Another unique performance is called "Doll the outline".

In this performance the viewer to delighted and surprised by the ability of the clown to act like a genuine robot.


The secrets of magic are also explored.

It is a time honored practice not to reveal how the magic is performed, but you will undoubtedly be amazed by the fraudulent felt-tipped marker, the rope, the handkerchief, and newspaper, to name a few illusions.

You are guaranteed to be surprised. Audience participation is an integral part in the performance of magic be it in their seats or on the stage for all to enjoy.

Balloon Performance

A lovely animal, the flower, and other amazing things are created with surprising swiftness using only a slender balloon and the clowns talent.

The clown interacts playfully with an audience member while creating the balloon art. This very popular among children.


Standing at a height of around 3m the clown stands out at a distance.

While walking on stilts the clown is able to create balloon art or perform with the street organ.


The classic circus arts of the unicycle, balancing on a rolling cylinder, balancing on a ball, and acrobatics are perfected by Pleasure B.

More skills are the combined technique of rope skipping while juggling, or juggling while balancing on a rolling cylinder.

A clown on a unicycle always produces laughs.


When the ever elusive clown seemingly comes from nowhere, it changes anyplace into a stage where merriment ensues.

Children are able to walk up to the clown walking and talk and interact with him/her.


3 person jump rope?

Pleasure B has a minimum of 5 people partaking in comical and acrobatic feats. It is an amusing show that showcases the talents of each clown.

The art shown by the team work energizes the audience.


The music sets a nostalgic tone using the street organ, trumpets, trombones, and hand bells.

The hand bell is used in the show as well as in parades.

Participanting World Clown Assosiation NY Convention Competition 2011