About Clown Lonto

LONTO freely moves among the throng of clowns wearing her monochrome clothes, but she stands out with her colorful silent movements.

LONTO is a mime that possess a sharp sense and ability to bring a sense of reality through her actions to an audience that only sees her invisible struggles.

LONTO's actions are commonly set to music which assist the audience in really seeing what LONTO sees. There is a charm to LONTO's silent actions. LONTO is most popular with the adult members of the audience. She is rolled around by other clowns during the performance, she then jumps up, and runs around busily.

LONTO is an active member of the duo "RAG" with Chang. LONTO is also a member of the celebrated trio "PLE-MIX" with Chang and TOPPO. LONTO's passions are also active in the design of the stage, choreography, and production for the annual Pleasure B show.

Special skill


Clown lontoClown lontoClown lonto

Participanting World Clown Assosiation NY Convention Competition 2011